H.264 video decoding on WinCE8 iMX6 Apalis board


I am wanting to decode H.264 video stream in my C# code running on a WinCE8 iMX6 Apalis board.
I have tried to run the C# Video Playback demo app from “Video Playback (WinCE)”, but this app is unable to decode any of my H.264 MPEG-4 files.

Can anyone give me any pointers on the best way to implement H.264 video decode and display on a WinCE8 iMX6 Apalis board?
I would prefer my solution utilizes the iMX6’s hardware support for H.264 video decoding, as latency is critical for my system.

Thank you in advance.



On imx6 we don’t support hardware accelerated video playback. We support software playback for AVI and WMV formats, but you’ll have to convert your videos and scale them to the resolution you’ll use for playback to get good results.
Unfortunately, the accelerator is not well documented and the video encoders provided in the past are not compatible with the latest releases of Windows CE.
You can try the performances you get by converting and scaling the videos on a PC first (if this is possible). Playback will probably load one of the cores, but on Apalis you will have one or three additional cores that should be able to run your software.
Otherwise, you can have fully hardware accelerated playback (depending on format, if you can upload a sample video on share.toradex.com we could test it) on Apalis T30.