Guidelines for three-proofing coating on Toradex module

Dear support team,

Due to our product is deployed in very bad environment, we need to have three-proofing coating on all our boards including the Toradex module, in case not to impact the function of the module or even damage it, do you have any idea or guidelines for this?


Hi simon,
We have a few customers using conformal coating. Some of them cover the SODIMM gold pads and then coat the module. Some do the coating on the whole device when the module is inserted. We cannot give any recommendation about this topic, as we didn’t do any tests by ourselves. I could just imagine, that coating it when inserted might be critical, as the contacts of the gold-fingers could be affected and might not contact as reliable as they would w/o coating. To me, the separate coating approach sounds more reasonable. But again, we cannot give any recommendations or guides for this as we didn’t do tests by ourselves!

OK, thanks Roman.