Gstreamer pipelines for parallel interface camera

Hi everybody,
We are using apalis imx6 evaluation board. And we have interfaced a analogue camera to parallel interface port now we are facing issue in capturing the video into a file using gst-launch-1.0.
Could you please let us know what should be the exact gstreamer pipeline to store video in a file. We are using imxv4l2src element to capture video from analogue camera.

So far our regular Ångström/OpenEmbedded/Yocto BSPs are still using Gstreamer 0.1 and analogue camera use is explained in the following article on our developer website: link text

We are considering to move to Gstreamer 1.0 as part of our upcoming Jethro update but whether and when exactly that may happen is yet to be defined. My gut feeling with all the new products and upcoming Embedded World exhibition is this not to be ready before Q2.

If you have any further questions please be very specific about what exactly you are trying to do as you are clearly outside our regular BSP image configuration.


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