Gstreamer-good plugin build issue

Hi guys,
the below error is prompting when i try to build torizon-core-docker image using yocto with gstreamer-good plugin.

ERROR: Nothing RPROVIDES ‘libgal-imx’ (but /home/servicebuild4/Desktop/Yocto/torizon-core-v3/build/conf/…/…/layers/meta-toradex-nxp/backports/recipes-graphics/imx-gpu-g2d/ RDEPENDS on or otherwise requires it)

I couldn’t find bb for the libgal-imx. i’m new to yocto as well. please help me resolve this issue.

Greetings @sapthagiri,

Upon a quick search I can see that this recipe provides libgal-imx: meta-freescale/ at master · Freescale/meta-freescale · GitHub

That said, I must ask why are you trying to build TorizonCore with Yocto? I can see you’re trying to add some gstreamer plugins. However, the containers we provide for TorizonCore should have much of this already available: How to use Gstreamer on TorizonCore | Toradex Developer Center

Are these not enough for you, for some reason?

Best Regards,