GPIO Power-Off: Documentation question (apalis)

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I have a question regarding the documentation of the GPIO (Linux), in particular the GPIO Power-Off section: (GPIO (Linux)).

It is said that up to version V2.3Beta5 the CONFIG_POWER_RESET_GPIO is disabled by default. However when I look at the different kernels apalis_imx6_defconfig I only get a hit in version 3.0b4. In Version 3.0b4 the CONFIG_POWER_RESET_GPIO is indeed set to y (CONFIG_POWER_RESET_GPIO=y). Does this mean that up to version V3.0b3 is not enabled by default?

We use version kernel 2.8b6 and for the kernel files I looked here on the [git] (apalis_imx6_defconfig « configs « arm « arch - linux-toradex.git - Linux kernel for Apalis and Colibri modules).

Despite the answer on the above stated statement. If you add the CONFIG_POWER_RESET_GPIO to a earlier version, for us in this case kernel version V2.8b6, will it still work?

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I believe V2.3Beta5 referred to the Vybrid. Anyway, such power-off GPIO is not a default feature and you will need to customise your hardware (e.g. by jumpering resp. GPIO to resp. power header) plus at least adjust the device tree for this anyway. Just check your /proc/config.gz and add this kernel configuration if it should be missing.