GPIO on iMX7D-512 in WEC2013

My schematic/layout engineer selected SODIMM pin 94 on the iMX7D-512 board for GPIO use. When I run it though the GPIOLib, I get:

ERROR: GPIOLib: GPIO index is out of range

The offending code is:

aen_gpio.GenericDefinition = IOCOLIBRIPIN(109);

In the GPIOLib header it defines:

NONE, // 0
NONE, // 1
NONE, // 2
NONE, // 3

IO(109), // 94

Am I reading this wrong? Is the comment the SODIMM pin or the IO index?

It looks like I found my own answer… IOCOLIBRIPIN apparently takes care of the translation. I should just use IOCOLIBRIPIN(94) for SODIMM pin 94, correct?

Too easy… :crazy_face:

Yes. it’s correct.