Gpio_GetConfigString - readback

I use the vcsharp_interrupt_demo example (modified for this case) and want to set “irqtrig”, “pull” and other parameters for colibri pin 101. A readback of a previous set using Gpio_GetConfigString just reports “Unknown”.

StringBuilder StrParm = new StringBuilder("irqtrig");
StringBuilder StrVal = new StringBuilder(20);
UInt32 Rtn = gpio.Gpio_GetConfigString(hGpio, interruptPin, StrParm, StrVal, 20);

Rtn is 16 and StrVal = {Unknown}.
What is the problem, what is missing.

Dear @EmbedX,

Thank you for contacting support. Could you try the same thing with a native code demo application which will be in (…\libdemos) and try to reproduce the issue and let us know the feedback.
Let me check the dot net demo application and get back you. If possible share the modified source or project files with us and that will help us to quickly check the issue.

Just a quick update. The set/get works fine for parameters “pull” and “inmode”. But “irgtrig” reports this “Unknown”. I tries moving the set/get after the InterruptInitialize() but no change. Is the parameter “irgtrig” correct - where can I find details on these parameter options?. Thanks.

Dear @EmbedX
Did you try to read the parameter irqtrig or irgtrig?
Regards, Andy

Might have been misspell from my side, sorry.
I want to be able to set falling or rising edge for the interrupt pin. irgtrig returns “”. irqtrig returns “Unknown”.
From the source code of the TdxAllLibraries.dll You should be able to tell me the correct parameter name for setting the interrupt edge trigger. The documentation on these parameters could be better. I don’t even know if “falling” or “rising” are valid settings. Please provide a link to doc. Thanks.

Dear @Embedx

The documentation is included in the library download package. (Toradex_CE_Libraries.chm)
Make sure you read the important note on that page.

I asked about irqtrig vs irgtrig because I thought this typo was maybe the actual problem.

Now I checked the library source code and found the reason for the behavior:
Reading back the irqtrig parameter is not supported in the BSP, therefore the function returns “Unknown”.

Regards, Andy