GPIO exported,But its not working

Hi all,
I have used colibri VF61 with Col Evaluation V3.2A board.I had tried to testing gpio and I exported below mention gpio:
A5 SODIMM_55 55 I/O +3.3V
step : 1

root@colibri-vf:/sys/class/gpio/gpio39# cat direction 
root@colibri-vf:/sys/class/gpio/gpio39# cat value 

=> I have connected LED on A4 on evaluation board but there was LED not on.

root@colibri-vf:/sys/class/gpio/gpio39# cat /sys/kernel/debug/gpio 
GPIOs 0-31, platform/40049000.gpio, vf610-gpio:
 gpio-5   (sysfs               ) in  hi    
 gpio-7   (sysfs               ) in  hi    
 gpio-8   (AC97 link sdata     ) out lo    
 gpio-9   (AC97 link sync      ) out lo    
 gpio-13  (AC97 link reset     ) out hi    

GPIOs 32-63, platform/4004a000.gpio, vf610-gpio:
 gpio-38  (sysfs               ) in  hi    
 gpio-39  (sysfs               ) out hi    
 gpio-41  (Wake-Up             ) in  lo IRQ
 gpio-42  (cd                  ) in  hi IRQ
 gpio-43  (sysfs               ) in  hi    
 gpio-44  (sysfs               ) in  hi    
 gpio-45  (backlight           ) out hi    
 gpio-63  (sysfs               ) in  hi    

GPIOs 64-95, platform/4004b000.gpio, vf610-gpio:
 gpio-64  (sysfs               ) in  hi    
 gpio-65  (sysfs               ) in  hi    
 gpio-66  (sysfs               ) in  hi    
 gpio-67  (sysfs               ) in  hi    
 gpio-68  (sysfs               ) in  hi    
 gpio-69  (sysfs               ) in  hi    
 gpio-70  (sysfs               ) in  hi    
 gpio-83  (usbh_vbus           ) out lo    
 gpio-88  (sysfs               ) in  hi    
 gpio-89  (sysfs               ) in  hi    
 gpio-90  (sysfs               ) in  hi    
 gpio-91  (sysfs               ) in  hi    

GPIOs 96-127, platform/4004c000.gpio, vf610-gpio:
 gpio-96  (sysfs               ) in  hi    
 gpio-98  (sysfs               ) in  hi    
 gpio-102 (id                  ) in  lo IRQ
 gpio-103 (sysfs               ) in  hi    

GPIOs 128-159, platform/4004d000.gpio, vf610-gpio:

Extra Information: DTS : vf610-colibri-eval-v3.dtb
Could you share your though on this issue?

Thank you :slight_smile:
Best Regards,
Kanji Viroja.

Is there any specific device tree file for the Col Evaluation V3.2A Board?

No, the changes made in V3.2a board revision are not many and do not require a different device tree.

What BSP Version do you use?

I tested here with the latest V2.6 Beta 1 image, seems to work flawlessly… Note that SODIMM_55 is on X9-5 (not 4).

I used V2.5 BSP Released. Hardware Details: Colibri VF61,Col Evaluation Board V3.2A.