GPIO as SPI function MISO & pull up

on the i.MX7 there is a nice functionality, you can select different values for pull up and also different output imedances for GPIO Pins, is this also true for GPIOs used as SPI-pin?

If so, can you provide a small sample to set the MISO pin to 5k pullup for instance.

Thanks a lot.

With best regards


Dear @Gerhard

Please refer to the i.MX7 datasheet for information about which pull-up options are available on particular pins.

For an example how to set it, please refer to the Gpio_Demo, which is part of the library download package.
To set a pull-up, simply call a function like this:

Gpio_SetConfigString(hGpio, io1, NULL, L"pull=up5k", StoreVolatile);

The possible values for the configuration parameters are listed in the .chm help file, which also comes with the library download.

Regards, Andy