Getting The Serial Number of a Toradex Colibri-imx6 from Terminal

Recently I’ve been looking into automatically polling the serial number from the colibri-imx6DL’s present in the boards we’re testing. I found that when the label is scanned for the serial, 16 digits are copied (for ex. 0017110005231409)

I know I can find the lower 8 digits using the command :
cat /proc/device-tree/serial-number
(Output = 05231409)

or via the last 3 octets of the mac address of eth0
(ex 4F:D3:31 = dec 5231409)

I’m just curious as to what the first 8 digits represent from the scanned number on the label. Does it match to a specific type of Toradex (I noticed when scanning different models the first 8 digits change but are constant between units of the same model). If this is so, I could just store the top 8 digits as enums in our test code. If not, is there a way to find or calculate the top 8 digits without having to scan the label?

Is there more information somewhere about these first 8 digits?


  • Matt

Hi Matt

It is the part number of the module.
E.g. have a look here.


Thank you for your quick response,

This answered my question



You are welcome. Thanks for the feedback.