Getting started : don't run

Hello to everybody,
I just received an apalis module IMX6 dual Core and Apalis evaluation board.
I tried the “getting started” quick test : I inserted the Apalis module on X1 slot, I connected my VGA display on X24 and i connected an usb keybord on top USB X53 Slot. I started with On/Off push-button. Some led are illuminated : first four “supply” LED, then LED near USB slots. Reset LED stop after a short time. That seems OK… But : nothing on my display !!
Module is delivered with an OS isn’t it ?

Yes, but DVI-D aka HDMI is active by default. Please consult the following article about how to configure alternate display options.

OK, but how change software configuration if we don’t have HMI ?

What do you mean by “if we don’t have HMI”? Are you talking about a headless device?

@Jex Use the serial console to access the bootloader to change the ‘vidargs’ parameter.

Once the serial connection/terminal is setup, you can hold down a key while booting to enter the bootloader console and configure ‘vidargs’.