Getting error while executing "Create a new VC++ project" in WinCE7 with colibri VF61

I’m using Colibri VF61 with WinCE7. as per “Create a new VC++ project” example I have created New project in Visual Studio 2008 and windows mobile device with colibri evaluation board made connection successfully. but I’m getting error when build solution. the screen short of errors attached below.

alt text

Pls help me to resolve this issue… Thank you…

It seems like your Visual Studio 2008 is not updated to SP1.

Also, the below Visual Studio 2008 & Windows Compact Embedded 7 updates should be installed properly.

  • Visual Studio 2008 update for Windows Embedded Compact 7
  • Windows Embedded Compact 7 ATL Update for Visual Studio 2008 SP1

You can find the links to download these required updated from our developer webpage.

Please download and install all these updates to VS2008.