Getting Booting logs using paramiko python library

i was using Apalis IMX6 booted with linux lxde version os. i was using paramiko python library to connect to board and execute commands using SSH from my application in host computer. Is there any way to get booting logs of board using SSH. Expecting your reply

Hi @Admin

Could you correctly provide the information about your module and application?

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what iam trying to do is get booting logs to host system using SSH.i was using a python libary called paramiko
Refer this link:Welcome to Paramiko’s documentation! — Paramiko documentation. Im able to connect and execute commands but im unable get booting logs of Apalis IMX6 using SSH.Expecting your reply

Hi @Admin,

For that you shall use journalctl system tool.

You can check some of its useful commands here: Using journalctl - The Ultimate Guide To Logging