General question about future performance of the Apalis vs. Verdin modules

We want to change to TorizonCore in the long term and we also have to change our Apalis T30 module. The question is whether we should go for Apalis or Verdin.

The smaller form factor and the widely available DIMM connector certainly speak in favour of Verdin. For Apalis speaks the very performant modules with Cortex-A72 processors.

Is it generally possible to say that the Verdin modules are more for power-saving and compact applications and the Apalis for those with more computing power? Or is this open for the future? (in the Verdin Roadmap are no A72 are listed yet)

HI @TriUrs

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You are right that the verdin modules are for power-saving and Apalis for more computing power. I don’t think there is one solution which fits all your requirements.

Could you describe your application and exact requirements, thus we can suggest you the module which is the best fit?

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