General developmet setup info for I.MX7 board

Hi ,
I have following doubts as I have never used I.MX7 board in past, They may be very basic but kindly answer them as this will help us to finalise this board for project.

  1. In I.MX7 how microcontroller and processor are connected to each other?
  2. In I.MX7 how microcontroller firmware is upgraded ?
  3. Can we upgrade the cortex-M4 core through cortex -A7 core while it is running any os like linuxCan?
  4. Can we upgrade cortex M4 core through linux os running on cortex A7 core?
  5. How to access Cortex-M4 GPIO in I.MX7 board are they shard with A7 core or they separate?
  6. Is there any documentation available to port linux image on I.MX7 by compiling any standard build environment?

Hi kvv86

Welcome to the Toradex Community. We have an article which gives you the answers to your questions.
It is an example with using Linux on ARM and FreeRTOS on M4 core. We do not have any experience with linuxCan. We have experience with the following Software.
For the GPIOs, you can set up in your linux kernel and device tree, which Pin is reserved for linux or is set free, so it can be used by M4-Core.
Regarding build system for linux, you can read the following article for compiling Linux using Source Code or the following article for OpenEmbedded Build.

I hope, this will answer you questions. If you have any other specific questions, you can always come back.