FTP password in image

Colibri T30, WCE7, BSP 1.4

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

I have a question regarding FTP accesses.

How do I integrate an FTP access (user + password) directly in the image?

Thank you for your answers.

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User and system passwords are stored encrypted on the devices and depend on a initially generated random key. So you can not just store passwords in the registry.

You can use a small application that sets the password after the first boot after flashing the device. You have to integrate this script into your production programming process. You can use the NTLM functions like NTLMSetUserInfo (more on MSDN). Passwords are shared between the different services.

You find some more inspiration on the webserver sample code. In this sample users are added and modified in a webserver.

Dear Samuel.tx,

thank you very much. That helps me.

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