FTP connection to Colibri T30

Colibri T30, WCE7, BSP 2.0

Hello community,

I try to integrate the FTP server on the new image for Colibri T30.

I use the same registry settings as described on this page.

Unfortunately, I can not connect via FTP.

Telnet connection works wonders.

If I want to connect with WinSCP is the following registration. (But only shortly after the launch of the Colibri T30)

Connect with IP:


Start the Session

Read remote directory

Connect with IP:

It looks as if he could join, But this message appears only once and that directly after the rebootart.

Otherwise, only the following message appears
Connect with IP:

Would be really nice if you could help me.

Many Thanks

Best regards


Was not able to reproduce this here at the moment. Did you once try to setup the default dir (\temp) without adding any special folder (flashdisk)?

Hello Samuel.tx,

Many thanks for your response.

I’ve done everything after description, but can not join me.

Since the telnet connection works I can exclude errors in the data transmission or user management.

I have no idea what to look at. Has FTP been reworked in Image?

Many thanks for your help

Best regards


Hello Toradex Team,

I would like to update this post.

I have tested the FTP server in all possible configurations, I get no connection.

It must have changed something in the image so that no connection is possible.

In the logfile is that admin could connect and load the folder. When the folder is loaded, the connection terminates.

On the next attempt, he no longer allows a connection.

Would be nice if you can help me.

Best regards


@Saphymo: Could you please share the export of the current registry setting, you assume it should work? So I can quickly give it a try.

With the registry version, which I sent you I get at 15x try an FTP connection. This is then only active for about 1 minute and is then invalid again.

@Saphymo: We have recievd the reg and will give you a feedback on the support channel.