From where can i get interrupt library demo example for VF61 board

i am using VF61 board of toradex. i am going to perform Interrupt Demo on this board but i am unable to get Demo example for this board. kindly send me the link from where i can get full procedure and deployment information ( regarding “How to perform Interrupt” ) to complete my work.!][1]

Are you using Windows CE?
For windows CE you can download our library package. It includes full documentation of all the APIs and many samples.

many thanks…

I downloaded the library for WINCE as suggested by vatler.tx. Unfortunately
I am not able to locate the demo for interrupts using C#. Am I missing something or is it that interrupts are not available in C# ?

Dear @sriraminfotecchn

I’m afraid there is no interrupt demo for C#. Actually there is no concept of interrupt processing in managed code (.NET compact framework) at all. There are workarounds, but the recommended way is to write the interrupt code in native code, for example in C or C++.

Please also refer to the following post:
GPIO Input Interrupt for VF61 using c# on Wince 2013

Regards, Andy

There is no interrupt demo using C#.
In general, using C# code for interrupt management is not a good idea, because the runtime may generate unpredictable long latencies and make response time not reliable.
This is, of course, a general rule and may not apply to your scenario.
What do you plan to use the interrupt for? What are expected and maximum tolerable latency times?