From scratch drivers development for webcam and LCD - methods


Using an Apalis Evaluation board with imx6 Quad 2GB board, we plan to use webcam usb UVC in order to get frames and an LCD (EDT 7") plugged on the unified interface display.
The need is to develop the drivers from scratch (no use of Yocto, or WCE).
Would you have open source drivers that could be re-use outside Linux or Windows ? Or an efficient methods ?


You could look at the Linux drivers for UVC cameras, USB, and display driver. If you comply to the license terms of the drivers/kernel, you could use it in your application as a base.
You can find the links to our Linux source code here:

No, I’m sorry. The only thing that comes to my mind would be re-using stuff from U-Boot which is probably the simplest and most direct low level driver stuff we are experienced in. However you will only find an LCD aka framebuffer driver plus a basic USB stack but no webcam support I’m aware of.

May I ask why you need to develop everything from scratch?
Did you experience issues with our current linux/CE implementations that prevent you from using one of those OSs on your device?