For Colibri IMX7D, how to set boot mode from EMMC?

for Colibri iMX7 dual core SOM, from hardware design side, how to config the different boot mode, for example, how to boot from EMMC? or from external USB disk? I did not find related info on the Colibri imx7D carrier board document design guide.

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On our developer site we have articles for booting from various different medias. In general you can set the boot media for our devices from the bootloader, U-Boot in our case. By default our devices are set to boot from the internal flash.

This is our general article on booting in linux:

From this article it then links to other articles for specific boot cases such as USB.

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on the Calibri SOM schematic, what is the configuration for pin boot_mode 0 and boot_mode 1??

the document says we can pull down the SODIMM pin 91 (boot_mode 0)where releasing reset to enter the serial loader. but according to NXP document, if boot_mode 0 is pulling down, it is not for serial loader mode. pls explain more.


Signal from pin 91 get reversed. So iMX7 boot_mode0 pin will be set to 1 when X1 97 pulled down.