Flashing u-boot to colibri T30

Hello, I am flashing image on External SD card but I need some details for belows command.

Colibri T30 # setenv board_name colibri_t30
Colibri T30 # setenv drive 1
Colibri T30 # setenv interface mmc
Colibri T30 # setenv migrate_uboot 'mmc dev ${drive} 0; fatload ${interface} ${drive}:1 ${loadaddr} ${board_name}/${board_name}.img && mmc dev 0 1 && mmc write ${loadaddr} 0x0 0x500'
Colibri T30 # run migrate_uboot

Note:- I have refered belows link.
Flashing Embedded Linux to Tegra Modules

Hi @som and Welcome to the Toradex Community!

What exactly do you want to know?
What is your application?

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