Flashing u-boot in imx6 from Toradex Bootloader 1.1 beta 4

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I loaded wec 7 on a imx6 module. Now I want to load linux on it. To do that I need to flash u-boot from Toradex bootloader 1.1 beta 4. I press ‘X’ and type flashloader 0 u-boot-colibri-imx6.imx it says loader flashed successfully but when I reboot it starts the Toradex bootloader not the U-boot bootloader.

Need your help on this.



flashloader 0 u-boot-colibri-imx6.imx

in some modules locks up at reboot and only hardware recovery can get it back to working in Toradex bootloader.

Since the release of Toradex Easy Installer the recommended way to switch from WinCE to Linux is using the recovery mode along with the Toradex Easy Installer.

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Fails with “claim interface failed” message. Guess this is not an USB issue. Happened the same both in our own custom board and Colibri Evaluation Board.

If you have e-boot prompt you should type:
flashloader 0 uboot
to flash uboot correctly.

Can you try using a differen USB port and/or a USB 2.0 Hub between the device and your host? We have seen issues with some USB 3 devices in the past.