Flashing several uboot environment related to end of device block for iMX7d 1G


I would like to flash uboot environment (and its copy) at offsets related to the end of the eMMC flash on a iMX7d 1G board using a tezi image in order to be compatible between v1.1A and v1.1B.
I have seen and tested successfully the offset option field for raw file in the tezi configuration file, but it is only available with config_format = 5 which seems to be supported by EasyInstaller >= 5.6. Unfortunately, it seems iMX7d v1.1B are shipped with Easy Installer v5.3 and iMX7d v1.1A with Easy Installer v1.8.

To my knowledge dd as no option to provide an offset from the end of the block device, and the u_boot_env field will only let me flash one single environment.
Is there a way to flash two uboot environment with tezi image compatible with config_format = 2 ?

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Hi @ykrons,

thank you for your question, we’re looking into it and we will provide an answer as soon as possible.

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