Flashing colibri imx6ull

Now we are in the step of burning the image into the flash with updated dts.
So will there be any issue in the steps for proceeding further?
Is there any possibility of breaking the device?
And suppose in case the device get break down , is there any assured way for the successful recovery?
And are there any problems regarding the procedure of recovery?

Dear @sanskruti ,

Thank you for contacting Toradex Support.

We can only that assure when the steps are followed as stated in the getting started guide/Toradex articles found on our websites(without errors/typos, etc.,), there is no chance of system failure as the articles are tested by our Engineers.

However, in special cases requiring specific modifications or in case you have arrived at a point where recovery is required, the following article might be useful. (Please be kindly noted that this recovery is just for the module and not for the data


I hope this helps. Good luck with your projects!

Thanks and regards, Janani.