FlashDisk getting erased if any abrupt power OFF

We are using IMX6DL 510MB with WinCE7 with latest OS versions.

When some abrupt power off due to no electricity, FlashDisk is getting erased.
We are facing this problem with many of the deployed devices. We are facing this problem to the devices deployed since last 1 year. Earlier deployed devices not facing this issue.
Is it due to new eMMC source you are using?

Please suggest what to do to resolve this problem.

hi @kshah,

Please confirm your Colibri iMX6DL 512MB version (eg 1.1A, 1.1B) and your CE OS (latest is 1.8).
Do you see an empty flash disk after reboot or FlashDisk itself is not visible?

Yes. We see empty flash disk after reboot.
version number not known. But below are device serial ID. I hope you can trace out version number.

Hi @kshah,
These serial number belongs to Colibri iMX6 DualLite 512MB V1.1A.
There was a change of eMMC from V1.0A to V1.1A.
Please help us to reproduce the issue.
Was your application doing some write operation to flashDisk at the time or failure?
Did it happens randomly after reboot?
Any other condition where we can see the issue?

As these devices are deployed on field, I could not receive above required details.
Generally, we write to SQLite database and to csv files.
I’ll try to reproduce the issue at our end by writing data to these. And will get back to you.

Hello @sahil.tx ,

I have found 1 comment by @alex.tx in below link.

"Version 1.8 has fix for occasional Filesystem corruption problem when using Trim feature
Otherwise you should disable Trim.

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Drivers\SDCARD\ClientDrivers\Class\MMC_Class\High_Capacity] EnableTrim=dword:0"


Does he refers to similar problem what I’m facing?

It is possible, but to ensure accuracy, we require knowledge of the OS release version you are currently using. You can verify this either by examining the boot log or utilizing the Update Tool

Could you please also check - when your FlashDisk is being getting erased can you notice the appearance of the FLashDisk2 folder?

As these devices are deployed at customer end, I’m not sures exact OS version. But it should be 1.8 as these devices are deployed in 2022.

We do not see FlashDisk2. All data just get erased. We just copy paste new data to FlashDisk, it works correctly.

hi @kshah ,
We will try to reproduce the issue and update you

Hi @kshah ,
Did you face any more Flash corruption issue?
I tested by rebooting the module and checking for flash disk content. However, it is not the same condition where your issue gets reproduced.
Incase you are using image >=1.6, try disabling trim feature and then try to reproduce the issue