FlashDisk empty without reason


I am facing a bug where FlashDisk drive is empty after a reboot (we have arround 10 occurency of the issue on more than 50 boards running every days).
This issue has been identified on different boards.

Initially, I suspected power failure during Flash access but I’m not sure.
I identified some way to close filesytem, for example FileSystemPowerFunction and PowerOffSystem but I don’t know if I can do that.

Do you have any idea on what could face this issue and how to fix it ?

Any help will be appreciated.

My configuration is
Colibri IMX6DL V1.1A or Colibri IMX6Solo V1.1A
OS WEC2013 V1.6

Can you try to disable the eMMC Trim feature like described here:


We think this feature might be responsible for the strange behavior

Thanks a lot alex.tx.
After a quick check, all board in issue were running 1.6 BSP, we didn’t identify flash empty with BSP 1.5.

I will try to reproduce issue with an automatic test.

Related to power failure control, do we have to do something to shutdown properly OS and Flash when we detect power failure?