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We have been using Colibri T30 module on IRIS carrier board with Win CE 8.0 for an Automatic Vehicle Classification System running in toll plazas on the highways. The entire system is a group of console applications that keep running in a 24/7 fashion. We use a 4GB SD card for storing these applications. There are approximately 30 such systems running.

The problem is: One of the applications, “AVC Main Service” which reads data from an array of IR sensors through serial ports and inductive loop sensor through GPIO stops working. “Stops working” means it stops to read serial port data or the loop sensor data. But the application keeps running. This happens only 2-3 systems and not on all 30 systems.

We use “Colibri Monitor” tool to see what applications are running in the module. We keep it in a “Tools” folder inside the \SD Card\ folder. In such a situation, when we come to this “Tools” folder to open the “Colibri Monitor” tool, we see no files inside the “Tools” folder, All are vanished.They re-appear again, when we restart the module by power off/on again.

To get rid of this situation, we keep the copy of the “Colibri Monitor” tool in several different folders. Now, since the contents of the “Tools” folder vanished, we go to separate folder to open the “Colibri Monitor” tool. But then, it shows an error message like “Cannot find Colibri Monitor(or one of its components). Make sure that path or filename is correct.”. We need to power off/on the module again.

We use tegra_winceimage_2.0 earlier. When we come to know that there was an issue with serial port in this version, we have updated to tegra_winceimage_2.1. But our problem is still there. This problem occures in every 2-3 hours.

What may be the cause of this problem?

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Dear @mridul_buragohain

This problem is not known to us. Please do some tests to provide additional information:

  • When the folder content disappears

    1. Is only this folder empty, or is more missing on the SD card?
    2. Instead of rebooting, what happens if you only close the Explorer window and reopen it?
      • Is the SD card still visible at all?
      • Are the files visible again in the folder?
    3. Instead of rebooting, what happens if you remove the SD card from the socket and reinsert it?
      • Is the SD card still visible at all?
      • Are the files visible again in the folder?
    4. If you boot without SD card, insert the card after the system has booted
      • Is the SD card still visible at all?
  • Does the error happen with different brands of SD cards?

One possible reason for the error could be a loose contact on the card-detect pin. If your SD card is always inserted, you can try to use the GpioConfig Tool in order to force the Colibri SODIMM Pin 32 to Output, Low. Does the problem still happen?

Regards, Andy