Failed to Compile Nouveau Driver for Apalis TK1

I would like to compile Nouveau BSP to test wayland on Apalis TK1. Everything is ok until running ‘./scripts/build-pthread-stubs’ according the article on developer center. This is the error:

ben@ben-HP:~/toradex/apalis/k1/tegra-nouveau-rootfs_1$ ./scripts/build-pthread-stubs
scripts/ line 68: /home/ben/toradex/apalis/k1/tegra-nouveau-rootfs_1/pthread-stubs/ no such file or directory

It is the same with ‘./scripts/build-drm’.

There is not folder ‘pthread-stubs’ or ‘$BUILDROOT/$PACKAGE/Makefile’

ben@ben-HP:~/toradex/apalis/k1/tegra-nouveau-rootfs_1$ ls
kmscube  linux  linux-firmware  mesa  nouveau  out  pkg-config-0.29.1  scripts

ben@ben-HP:~/toradex/apalis/k1/tegra-nouveau-rootfs_1$ ls out/build/arm/ArchLinuxArm/pthread-stubs

You no longer need to rebuild drm, changes were moved to mesa.
I’ve updated the article.