Facing issue with IMX6Q in recovery mode

While starting the board we couldn’t install the image file from the online mode and while doing so flash memory got erased. To install toradex easy installer again we tried the recovery mode steps as mentioned on the website (iMX Recovery Mode). We downloaded “apalis-imx6_toradexeasyinstaller_1.8-20181019” and after extracting when we ran the recovery-windows.bat in cmd we got the window as attached below.

Then when we pressed a key cmd window got auto closed. As per your documented steps toradex easy installer window should appear after this step. But nothing has popped up. We tried repeating the steps for a few times but the result is same.
Please help us out to understand how can be install toradex easy installer again or otherwise install the image file by any other means.
SOM - Apalis IMX6
Carrier Board - Ixora V1.1A 00007348

Do you have a display connected to your Ixora board? A Toradex easy installer window should appear on a display (parallel LCD or HDMI) attached to Ixora.

yes we have connected HDMI display, once the toradex easy installer screen has been flashed, then we repeat the recovery mode process then we got following error and nothing is displayed on HDMI.