External touchscreen on VF50

I want to use external touchscreen with it’s own driver (for example Resistive Controller like AR1021 from Microchip). And I want to know if it possible to use this with my Colibri VF50 which work under WinCE. I want to connect external touchscreen through I2C (or I’ll connect it through something another if you say that it would be better). So, the question is: are there any drivers in WinCE for this kind of touchscreens? I mean exactly images for Colibri VF50. I know I can make my own driver but I want to know if it’s already presented in WinCE. And I want to know for what kind of external touchscreens has it already been included into WinCE?

We currently have a solution that works on some of our modules with fusion touch displays:
We can provide source code, so you can customize it, but we have no support for the chip you referenced.
The driver is not part of our standard image, but it can be easily installed using a CAB file.