Ethernet issues on Colibri T30

I’m having an issue where the T30 will not recognize when the ethernet is connected. The lights on the connector don’t turn on, and the adapter says “disconnected” if I go into the Pocket CMD and perform “ipconfig”. I have another T30 that I set up exactly the same way and this second controller works as expected. Is it possible that there is a hardware issue, and are there any troubleshooting steps I should try?

Thank you.

Dear @Brian.Kelly

If the software is really setup identically, the most probable reason is a hardware defect of the Ethernet PHY. We saw this rarely in the past, mostly in environments with Power-over-Ethernet.

To be sure that there is no wrong software configuration, you can try to flash the latest image using recovery mode (nvflash). This will also reset any potential wrong settings in the registry, bootloader and file system.

Regards, Andy