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how to assign ethernet address in verdin AM62 Mallow board

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To assign an Ethernet address (MAC address) on a Verdin AM62 on the Mallow Carrier Board, you typically need to modify the U-Boot environment variables or the device tree, depending on how the Ethernet interface is set up in your system.

For U-Boot environment-based assignment, you can set the Ethernet MAC address by using the U-Boot command line. For example, to set the MAC address for the primary Ethernet interface, you can use the following command in the U-Boot command prompt:

setenv ethaddr XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX

Replace XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX with your desired MAC address.

If the Ethernet interface is managed by the Linux kernel and you wish to assign the MAC address via the device tree, you would typically locate the Ethernet controller node in your device tree source file and add or modify the local-mac-address property. However, for the Verdin AM62, specific instructions or examples might vary based on the Linux kernel version and the configuration of your system.

Please ensure that the MAC address you assign is unique within your network to avoid address conflicts.

Remember, modifying U-Boot environment variables or the device tree requires a good understanding of your system’s boot process and the potential impact of these changes. Always backup your current environment and device tree settings before making modifications.

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I have Verdin AM62 Mallow Board in that i have connect through usb-c cable and than run Recovery windows .bat file after successfully loading of Toradex Easy Installer than connect using tight svn but there is showing error so how can i resolve that error i have attched the screenshot of that error

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