Errors configuring colibri iMX8 with torizon


I am configuring a Colibri iMX8QXP 2GB WB V1.0D on the Colibri Evaluation Board V3.2 using TorizonCore 5.7.0 (torizon-core-docker-colibri-imx8x-Tezi_5.7.0+build.17).

I got the following errors:

[    0.133992] No BMan portals available!
[    0.135191] No QMan portals available!
[    1.530443] imx8qxp-lpcg-clk 37620000.clock-controller: failed to get clock parent names
[    1.711078] mxsfb 5a180000.lcdif: Failed to create outputs
[    2.033108] imx6q-pcie 5f010000.pcie: pcie_ext clock source missing or invalid
[    2.146151] debugfs: Directory '59040000.sai' with parent 'imx8qxp-sgtl5000' already present!
[   15.402012] Bluetooth: hci0: unexpected event for opcode 0x0000

System information:

torizon@colibri-imx8x-07252168:~$ uname -a
Linux colibri-imx8x-07252168 5.4.193-5.7.0+git.f78299297185 #1-TorizonCore SMP PREEMPT Mon Jul 11 14:42:03 UTC 2022 aarch64 aarch64 aarch64 GNU/Linux

Attached the full output of the kernel buffer:
dmesg_output (33.7 KB)

I tried using torizoncore-builder to build and deploy the image.

My tcbuild.yaml file:

    local: input_image/

        - device-trees/include/
    custom: device-trees/dts-arm64/imx8qxp-colibri-eval-v3.dts

    local: custom_image/

Same results, I was not able to solve these errors.

Any help will be appreciated.

Greetings @mllona,

Those are just standard boot messages, none of those are critical errors or issues to be worried about, they can be safely disregarded. Are you actually experiencing any issues? It seems like you can log into Linux just fine.

Best Regards,

Hello @jeremias.tx,

Thanks for your answer.

I’m actually experiencing issues but now I’m assuming it has nothing to do with these errors.
I’m migrating from the Colibri T20 to the iMX. The iMX8 keeps rebooting randomly on my custom carrier board (the board was optimised for the T20 and works fine).
I thought the boot errors might be related, but now I have to keep looking.

Best regards,


The iMX8 keeps rebooting randomly on my custom carrier board (the board was optimised for the T20 and works fine).

Interesting, if I were to take a guess perhaps a power related issue? Though it’s hard to say without knowing how your carrier board was built. That said I can say for sure this is not an issue on our Toradex standard carrier boars.

Best Regards,