Error While Flashing ColibriT20 linux image V2.6Beta onto SD card

I tried Flashing image onto SD card but I’m getting some error

Please help ASAP.

Are the 32 bit dependencies and the 32 bit version of lzo library installed like mentioned here?

I have gone through the link you provided, nothing understood. can you please tell me, what are the steps to flash linux image onto SD card, in detail.

I’m new to linux and toradex and don’t understand things in single shot. please help.

Concerning the issue as per your screen shot (BTW: just terminal text output would be way more convenient for anybody trying to help you): most possibly you are running a 64-bit Linux version on your development workstation (which you could verify by doing ‘uname -a’ and looking for x86_64 in its output) and missed installing the 32-bit libraries as @sanchayan.maity pointed out. So you will have to install some pre-requisites as given in his link above (e.g. you would have to pick the block corresponding to your exact Ubuntu version and enter those commands).

It’s also worth noting your nomenclature concerning ‘to flash Linux image onto SD card’. Our script is usually just used to prepare an update media from which one may later update a target by flashing its on-module non-volatile storage. For more information concerning this please have a look at the following article on our developer website.

If you indeed do not have a base understanding of Embedded Linux may I suggest you first taking some courses or at least work through some of the excellent online training material available from Free Electrons.