[❌ error trying to install package qt6-base-dev] - 🤖 VS Code IDE Extension Issue Report (b9cafee8a63c2372f95a5594f560d67d)

OS: linux :: x64
Distro: Linux Mint 20.3
Extension activation logs:

 Activating Torizon IDE ...
 Telemetry is enabled
 Extension collects completely anonymous telemetry data about templates usage. Participation in this anonymous program is optional, and you may opt-out if you'd not like to share any information. Check: https://github.com/toradex/torizon-experimental-torizon-ide-v2-docs/blob/main/USAGE-DATA.md#opt-out
 Telemetry allows us to accurately gauge templates usage. This data will help us to focus better on the most used templates, adding new features and putting effort in the right place.
 Resolving host IP address ...
 Host IP address OK
 Docker installed OK
 Docker running OK
 Docker compose OK
 PowerShell OK
 git OK
 dig OK
 avahi-resolve OK
 nmap OK
 iputils-ping OK
 file OK
 sshpass OK
 net-tools OK
 Cloning project templates
 ERROR :: Error trying to get application templates
 fatal: docelowa ścieżka „/home/grzesiek/.apollox” już istnieje i nie jest pustym katalogiem.

 Checking connected devices ...
 Scanning Torizon devices ...
 Configuring debug id_rsa ...
 Debug id_rsa OK
 Torizon IDE extension activated
 WARNING :: Device not reached! Please check if the device is turned on and connected to the network.
 ERROR :: verdin-imx8mp-15010465.local not reached
 Debian bookworm packages list load OK
 ERROR :: check-deps failed with exit code 69

Tasks logs:

Checking dependencies ...
👍 openssh-client installed
👍 sshpass installed
👍 build-essential installed
👍 make installed
👍 gdb installed
👍 gdb-multiarch installed
👍 gdbserver installed
👍 g++ installed
👍 cmake installed
😵 qt6-base-dev not installed
😵 qt6-declarative-dev not installed
😵 netcat-traditional not installed
😵 qt6-base-private-dev not installed
😵 qt6-base-dev not installed
😵 qt6-wayland not installed
😵 qt6-wayland-dev not installed
😵 qt6-declarative-dev not installed
😵 qt6-declarative-private-dev not installed
😵 qml6-module-qtqml not installed
😵 qml6-module-qtqml-workerscript not installed
😵 qml6-module-qtcore not installed
😵 qml6-module-qtquick not installed
😵 qml6-module-qtquick-window not installed
😵 qml6-module-qtquick-controls not installed
😵 qml6-module-qtquick-layouts not installed
😵 qml6-module-qtquick-templates not installed
😵 qml6-module-qtquick-shapes not installed
😵 qml6-module-qt-labs-qmlmodels not installed
😵 qml6-module-qt-labs-platform not installed
😵 qtcreator not installed
😵 designer-qt6 not installed
Do you want to try to install the dependencies? <y/N>: y
[sudo] hasło użytkownika grzesiek:         
Stary:1 http://ubuntu.task.gda.pl/ubuntu focal InRelease
Stary:2 http://ubuntu.task.gda.pl/ubuntu focal-updates InRelease                                                                                             
Stary:3 http://ubuntu.task.gda.pl/ubuntu focal-backports InRelease                                                                                           
Stary:4 http://packages.microsoft.com/repos/code stable InRelease                                                                                            
Stary:5 https://repo.skype.com/deb stable InRelease                                                                                                          
Ign.:6 https://ftp.icm.edu.pl/pub/Linux/dist/linuxmint/packages una InRelease                                                                                
Stary:7 https://ftp.icm.edu.pl/pub/Linux/dist/linuxmint/packages una Release                                                                                 
Stary:8 https://dl.google.com/linux/chrome/deb stable InRelease                                                                                              
Pobieranie:9 https://deb.opera.com/opera-stable stable InRelease [2 590 B]                                                                                   
Stary:10 https://linux.teamviewer.com/deb stable InRelease                                                                                                   
Stary:11 https://packages.microsoft.com/ubuntu/20.04/prod focal InRelease                                                                                    
Stary:12 https://download.docker.com/linux/ubuntu focal InRelease                                                                                            
Stary:13 http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu focal-security InRelease                                                                   
Stary:14 http://archive.canonical.com/ubuntu focal InRelease
Pobieranie:16 https://deb.opera.com/opera-stable stable/non-free amd64 Packages [1 164 B]
Pobrano 3 754 B w 2s (2 265 B/s)         
Czytanie list pakietów... Gotowe
Czytanie list pakietów... Gotowe
Budowanie drzewa zależności       
Odczyt informacji o stanie... Gotowe
E: Nie udało się odnaleźć pakietu qt6-base-dev
❌ error trying to install package qt6-base-dev

 *  Działanie procesu terminalu „pwsh '-nop', '/opt/ebs/Torizon/tests/Qt/qttest/.conf/checkDeps.ps1'” zostało zakończone z kodem zakończenia: 69. 
 *  Terminal zostanie ponownie użyty przez zadania. Naciśnij dowolny klawisz, aby go zamknąć. 

Reported by: @undefined

If you have more data that you think that is interesting from the context of the issue please reply below.

Thanks :robot:

Could you please run the follow:

rm -rf /home/grzesiek/.apollox

This will cleanup the templates repo folder, and should solve this.

About the:

We do not support Linux Mint 20.3. There is probably no such package in Mint default package source. If you want to continue using Mint you need to add a source that has this package, or install it manually.