Error synchronizing folders from SDK container to target application.Code:529

I’m using Torizon with VS2019 following your guide.
I got an error 529 during “Deloy and debug Torizon application”. I’ve already checked the firewall settings for moses.exe and made sure that the board and my pc are in the same network. Below the output from Torizon Build.
Any ideas what could be wrong?
Thanks, Holger

Backend service and docker are up and running, enabling Torizon features.
Deployment started…
Loading application configuration…
Device is not configured in project properties, prompting user to select a device.
Checking container state…
Deploying and starting remote container (it may take some time after a build or the first time you connect to a device)…
Configuring project…
Error synchronizing folders from SDK container to target application. If you restarted the SDK container (or rebooted your machine) you may need to to a rebuild of the application before deploying and debugging it on the target.
Code: 529
Description: Remote command execution failed.
Message: Remote command rsync -rzv -e “ssh -p 32770 -o "StrictHostKeyChecking no"” ~//EcMasterDemo/* torizon@ returned error 255

Greetings @hOelhaf,

just some questions so I can understand your issue and help debug it. First of all what version of Visual Studio 2019 and of our Extension do you have installed?

Also is this issue easily reproducible for you? As for your process can you link which guide/document you’ve been following so I can attempt to reproduce.

One thing you can do is turn on the debug Window for our extension. This can be done by going to Visual Studio and, Tools > Options > Torizon > Show backend console > True. Once that has been set and applied, restart Visual Studio and there should now be a command prompt window that shows all the API calls made by our extension. Before restarting Visual Studio you may need to also terminate the “moses.exe” process via task manager as well.

When you recreate the issue please include the output of this debug console as it’ll help us determine where in the process this is failing.

Best Regards,