Error "Running on a compositor with no screens is not supported"

Hi, I am currently trying to cross compile a QT app with this guide Qt Creator to cross compile - Embedded Linux
After i created a HelloWorld App, I go to debug and copy the file to /home/root/ of the board.
I am using a vga connection and I got setenv and overlay for VGA display. During boot, my monitor got show display.
When i tried to run my QT app using “./HelloWorld”, it return “Running on a compositor with no screens is not supported”.
I am using “Apalis-iMX6_Reference-Multimedia-Image-upstream-Tezi_5.3.0+build.10” image.

Hi @Raymond

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Sorry for the delayed response. Are you able to solve the issue? if not could you attach the dmesg log, error log, and overlays.txt file?
Hope you have applied the apalis-imx6_vga_overlay.dtbo overlay for the VGA display.

Hi @ashok.tx , I was able to display my QT app after i change to downstream image. As for the error encounter in upstream, I am still unsure what is the problem.

Hi @Raymond

Glad it worked.Thanks for the update.
it looks like the issue is with the wrong overlay.