ERROR: mesa-2_20.0.2-r0 do_configure: meson failed.[How to solve this Error]

I would like to build AGL Image for My Target Machine i.e.,Kontron Smarc-Samx6i. The following link will provide complete information about my target machine.

SMARC-sAMX6i | Kontron.

I have Knowledge on how to create a build Environment for Target machines that are available in AGL Source Code .I have Verified AGL DEMO Image with Raspberrypi4 [Available Machine].

My Target Machine Smarc-samx6i is not Available in AGL Source Code [In The List Of Available Machines].

So I am interested in adding this board Smarc-Samx6i to AGL Source Code. We Have a Board Support Package(BSP) for our Target Machine Smarc-Samx6i.

I have added my Target Machine and also supported BSP.once i started to build through bitbake after a few hours later i saw the following error on my screen.

ERROR: mesa-2_20.0.2-r0 do_configure: meson failed.

ERROR: Task (/home/murali/AGL/lucky_lamprey/external/poky/meta/recipes-graphics/mesa/ failed with exit code ‘1’

Here I’m going to add log data as a file.
log.do_configure.31505 (9.3 KB)
run.do_configure.31505 (15.0 KB)

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