Error Flashing Linux

I was trying to flash Linux image, as in this article “

I was trying to write image from Eboot, And got following error:

flashloader u-boot-nand.imx           
Error opening image file. The file must be in the root folder of the first part.

What is the version of eboot you have?

booting window showing toradex bootloader 1.2, built for colibri sep 4, 2015

By default our latest Embedded Linux BSPs deploy u-boot-nand.imx now in a folder called colibri_vf to allow for multiple module’s files to co-exist. Please copy the file also to the root folder of the first partition on that SD card. Alternatively depending on the EBoot version you may be able to specify the full path (e.g. flashloader colibri_vf\u-boot-nand.imx). I leave it to @luka.tx to comment on which version would support this.

Problem Solved by using a different SD Card, Now I am using Sandisk SDHC