Error doing debug and deploy build on VS for getting started

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@ChipW @andy,

Just a heads up to both of you the early access version of the extension was updated and should now be install-able without any modifications.

Thanks @jeremias.tx . I’ll uninstall the modified version and install the latest one.

Hi Jeremias,

Thanks! Installed 1.2.23 on VS2019 16.7.2 Community and ran it OK.


The Early Access extension fixed the issue for me to the extent that I am able to deploy and debug. I can step through the example and the Auto Watches update accordingly. However, the actual output of “Loop 0 - var=2”, etc. does not display in the Linux Console Window.

Is anyone else experiencing this? Is there some other step that needs to be taken to attach the Console Window to the board?

Hi @embedded.kyle,

I don’t have this issue with the early access version of the extension. I do notice you have to progress the program/debug to completion before it prints out on the Linux console, at least on my setup.

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The Linux Console shows nothing while debugging and after program completion. I occasionally see a prompt, $, but it does not respond to commands such as ls. More often than not though, the Linux Console Window is completely blank.

I had to attach screenshots because I get an “error parsing file” when I try to use the image tag upload.

While debugging
After completion

What can I do to debug the Linux Console Window connection?


I got it to work.

In your Quick Start Guide, Module 2, Build and Run your First C Application, Steps 13 and 14 do not have a \n at the end of the string. Running this code and looking at the Linux Console Window in Visual Studio, there is no output. Running the application from the Exec console in Portainer, the output is as expected, all on a single line.

If I add the \n as seen in Step 17, delete the old container, rebuild the container, then rebuild the app and deploy, the output in the Linux Console Window of Visual Studio is as expected. Running in the Exec console of Portainer is also as expected.

Seems weird but I’ve reproduced it several times. The lack of a terminating \n causes the Linux Console Window not to show program output.

Hmm that is odd. The end line character isn’t required on my setup for Linux console output. I mean it does make the output look nicer but it’s not required to get output, at least for me. I believe the Linux console window is just grabbing the output from the target device’s console. In which case I’m also using the Apalis i.MX6 in my tests. Perhaps there’s some small underlying difference between our setups that causes this.

In any case it seems to be a rather minor issue with a relatively easy workaround as you’ve shown. If you do find more information about this issue please feel free to share it as it might be a bug that we could fix, or maybe just a configuration/workaround that we need to document.

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