Erase Filesystem in UpdateLib on Vybrid

As mentioned in V2.2 library release 34553-UpdateLib on Vybrid: Added Feature to Erase Filesystem
35261-Cleaned up UpdateLib_Demo both are not updated.
Please give the details.about how to use the erasefilesystem in wince6 on vf61.

Header files does not contain any prototype for erase file system for vybrid

Dear @zecons

The function is quite dangerous, as it will obviously delete all data you ever stored on the device. Therefore we decided to not make it available too easily.
It is also important to know that you need to reboot the system after calling the erase function, otherwise the flash disk may become unstable!

After I gave you the warnings, here is how to use it:
Simply add the following function prototype to your source code. Below this definition you can call VybUpd_EraseFilesystem() like any other library function.

/// Erase all blocks of the Filesystem (aka \FlashDisk\ )
/// After executing this function, the system needs to be rebooted, before doing
/// any write to the flash filesystem.
/// @param[in]   hUpdate        HANDLE received from VybUpd_Init()
/// @retval      TRUE           Success
/// @retval      FALSE          Failure
BOOL VybUpd_EraseFilesystem(HANDLE hUpdate);

Regards, Andy