eMMC shutdown notification feature


I’m trying to enable eMMC shutdown notification feature on our device, but I’m not sure if this feature is enabled by default in Linux kernel and how to verify that it’s working.

Does anyone have an idea how this feature works?
How can I test it if it works?
When it is triggered (on suspend, on shutdown command)?

Kernel version 5.14
SoM: iMX8QM v1.1C
Custom carrier board

Martin Lovrić

Dear Martin,

Could you please give us some context here as to when you expect an eMMC shutdown notification e.g: like thermal shutdown? And where exactly would you want to use it?

BR, Janani

Hello Janani.

I’m expecting for this to work when shutting down Linux with shutdown command for example, but I’m also wondering if this works in cases of sudden power loss. The idea is to use this for external eMMC on our carrier board when shutting down Apalis SoM.


Hello @Martin_Lovric ,

Looking at the history using git log and searching for that commit title in here, we could confirm that commit in our BSP.

But as this is not something Toradex provides/ supports, so I cannot answer much in that “How to test it part”. I am sorry I don’t have a better answer, but I still hope the answer was a bit helpful at least.

Thank you and Have a nice day ahead!

Best regards,

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Ok, thanks for this info!


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