Embedded Linux (Yocto) image size

Hi, just wondering what would be a typical BSP Linux image size for say the colibri T20. I just need to make sure that the 1GB eMMC wold be enough to also host our applications.


hi John

The size of the image depends on the feature you need for your application. Do you need graphical user interface or is console enough for you?

Hi Jaskaranjeet,
Console is enough.


Features that increase image size:

Support multimedia(ffmpeg, gstreamer and codecs)
Framework Qt5
Server Graphics (Wayland, X11)
Browser and feature as (Chromium, Firefox)

What language does your application use:
Take care with Java(OpenJDK and Oracle JVM), NodeJS(and your dependencies), Python(and your dependencies)

Hi John

The actual size of the Console Image for Colibri T20 has a size of 173332kB. As Cleiton stated below, the size of the system will also depend what is your application and what extra features you need to install. A list of installed programs/features can be found under /bin and /sbin folder.

Thank to both…

you are welcome.