Embedded Linux Nightly 6.2 on Colibri iMX8X

I have:
Colibri iMX8X V1.0D
PC connected to Iris.X13

I tested image “Reference-Multimedia-Image-Tezi_5.7.0+build.20” and all works OK, after install image I have messages on terminal over COM3

I try install Linux Nightly 6.2
but after install and restart I think my imx8 is death , nothing on my console

Linux Nightly 6.2 works on Colibri iMX8X ?

Hello @MariusM ,
Please keep in mind that the nightly images are not fully tested, and might not boot.

Monthly and quarterly images have to pass basic and full testing respectively.

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Hi @MariusM ,

were you successful with the testing of 6.2 on Colibri iMX8X?

Best Regards

Hi @MariusM,

As of now, Colibri iMX8X is not yet supported in BSP 6, but is planned for next release. We are working on this right now.

Best regards,
Andrejs Cainikovs.

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Thank you for your message
please let me know when it works :slight_smile:

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Hi @MariusM !

FYI, you can download 6.2 for Colibri iMX8X from here:

Enjoy :slight_smile:

Best regards,

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Thank you for the memory