EIM Register settings in iMX7D


We are trying to configure the EIM module but after configuration EIM registers does not read as Configured.
We have referred the “Basic Usage of the External EIM Bus on Colibri iMX7” for iMX7.

Earlier we have worked on iMX53, in that we had to enable the Slow clock before EIM register settings.

So Do we need to do it in iMX7 also ?
And if yes then How to enable the slow clock in iMX7 ? As there is only one CCGR register for EIM i.e. CCGR22.


Dear @bipin7301

When I did some basic tests with the EIM, I cannot remember that I enabled a particular slow clock. So either I can’t remember, or it is not required, or it is anyway turned on by default.

However, I found a reference to a clock signal aclk_slow, which is listed in the i.MX7 reference manual (pg. 2563). My interpretation of the reference manual is, that CCGR22 is a common gate for all the EIM clock signals (eim_exsc.aclk_exsc, eim_exsc.ipg_clk, sim_s.eimclk, eim.aclk, eim.aclk_slow, eim.ipg_clk_s).

Regards, Andy