[Eeasy Installer] Custom image.json for custom partitionning

Hi Toradex community!

It’s the first time I play with the easy installer and have to tell that I like it pretty much, congrate for the great work!

I’m buildling a custom image with Yocto and use the “meta-toradex-bsp-common” meta-layer in order to use the image_tezi class. Unfortunately, it seems that the json generation is a bit static and looks difficult to change in the current status.

I would like to change the partitionning and size, is there a way to achieve this easily?

I ended up copying the relevant part and overriding with a new function. Not very elegant, but it works.

Hello morandg. Unfortunately there is no elegant way to do this, as you might have already realized, since there is no way to override bbclasses in OE. Your solution is currently the best you can do.

Thanks for the answer! Yes that’s a bit a pity … FYI, I used to work with swupdate that also generates a json description file by replacing some placeholder, maybe this can be a source of inspiration for future improvement. I’ll share my changes in case I have time and come up with a better solution. Keep the great work!

Thank you for your insight! We have actually worked out a better solution in our next software product. Stay tuned!