EDT Display or RGB Generic Display in WEC2013 or WEC7

I have a simple question, are edt displays or generic rgb displays (with adapter) are working on colibri imx6 cards on WEC7 or WEC2013 ?

@aekhi Yes, they do work on both WEC7 and WEC2013 on Col iMX6 module.

Check this article what all RGB displays we have tested on our modules, other than EDT displays: http://developer.toradex.com/knowledge-base/supported-displays


I received today a generic display adapter (we produce it by using your files), I try to test it with a east rising 4.3inches lcd screen, but there is nothing on the screen. I saw a zip with registry files, but there are 3 files (for PXA, tegra, and vybrid) which file do I have to use to make it work ? Thanks

Please can you give me the registry files of eastrising screens to make them work on colibri imx6s with wec2013.

Thanks in advance…


I am using a ER-TFT043-3 screen, can you tell me the jumper settings for the first version of the rgb adapter, and the registry files for WEC2013 and colibri imx6s, I did not manage to make the screen work…

you said this display is not known but we can see it in this page http://developer.toradex.com/knowledge-base/generic-rgb-display-adapter-board

there is also a zip file for registry but not for the colibri imx6 module…

I wait three weeks to have an answer and I am very disappointed, I bought this display because you say you have tested it on the page, and now you say this display is not known…

I trusted Toradex for our project but it is going to fail because of you, thanks a lot.

I just want to make a simple 4.3 inches screen work on your module, is it so hard to make it work ? why did you say you tested it on the rgb display adapter page if it is not true ?

Which 4.3" screen can I use for colibri imx6 module in WEC2013 with the first version of rgb display adapter (with correct jumper settings, registry file…) ? maybe you can answer to this question, and don’t redirect me on the display adapter board page because I already checked this page and bought a screen and you are not able to help me…

@aehki: Sorry I was not aware this is actually a EDT display and we tested this setup.

Please check once the following Settings:


I have attached you a registry file. Put the reg file into the DisplayPresets folder of the IMX6 Display Tool. The Display Tool you can get from here.

I tried your registry file but my screen remains black, can you give me the jumper settings for the first version of the rgb adapter with this screen ?

@aehki: I will check internally, if we have these information for the V1 board. Did you already checked if the backlight is enabled?

@samuel.tx I updated for test the backlight in my c# code at startup, and it is working (screen color changes) with a lcd screen (connected with VGA cable) so I suppose the backlight is enabled, but when I connect my 4,3" screen, the screen remains black.

@aehki Check this registry file I have tested at my end and it works fine. Download Link

I checked the product datasheet, it there seems to be there is a mistake in the datasheet. Try with Jumper settings having Over Voltage Protection at 25V and Over Current Protection 40mA.

I try this file with latest wec image but I have only white screen (i suppose the backlight is ok) but it remains white, what can I do ?