Echo Cancelling possible with Alsa?


The problem I am trying to solve is: eliminate the (loud) output of a device speaker, going into the device microphone - creating an echo loop.
This is mostly prevalent in the case of performing an audio/video call, where a person on the other side would actually get echo of their own voice.

Now, I’ve noticed that pulseaudio seems to have a module to handle this issue (module-echo-cancel), but I was wondering if it was possible to solve the problem through Alsa configuration alone, using plugins? Simply to continue with our existing Alsa setup.


Dear @ebrodlic,

How are you? Can you please confirm a bit more information of your setup?

  • Which module and carrier board are you using (with the respective versions)?
  • Which image does the system run? Is it TorizonCore or one of our BSP’s? Also, which is the version?
  • Did you try to control the audio settings on the module using alsamixer?

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Just an FYI,
If you are using a Dahlia carrier board, the CODEC has a very “Gee, it’s 2pm on Friday and I can’t leave for vacation until this has a codec with microphone on it” feel. There are significant issues with the microphone that will impact playback even when you aren’t using the microphone. There is also some stuff listed in the ERRATA (sp?) that has to be done before you can hope for sound to behave properly.

Using a full sized Verdin board I never noticed any issues with sound.

No, I’m not at liberty to say what the hardware problems are with the microphone. My client paid dearly to find then fix those. They own that particular information. It’s for them to share, or not.

Dear @ebrodlic do you have any news on this topic? Have you been able to deal with it?

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