EasyInstaller available as a standalone linux app?

Since TK1 v1.2 EasyInstaller seems to be pre-installed, before it used to be a fully fledged linux distribution.
We have adapted our process, so that we can install our custom yocto images with EasyInstaller - so far so good.

But we also want to update our linux in the future.
Is it possible to integrate EasyInstaller as a standalone app on custom linux images? I found GitHub - toradex/meta-toradex-tezi: Meta layer to build Toradex Easy Installer images, but the important tool (the Qt update GUI seen on the easyinstaller image) does not seem to be included.

Is there a command tool available with the same functionality?
What is your advice for updating custom images via Ethernet?

No the Toradex Easy Installer is not available as a standalone app. There are several reasons: First and foremost, Toradex Easy Installer writes to the complete flash directly. This only works safely because the Easy Installer runs completely out of memory (using a squashfs based file system in RAM). This is likely not the case for regular images. Furthermore are a lot of features missing which would be required for updates (fallback image, retention of user data etc…). The Toradex Easy Installer is really designed to be a first time installation tool only.

There are other and probably better suited tools available. E.g. mender.io (see also this webinar) or SWupdate which have been successfully used with our platform. Both however need some integration work. If you have already a working Yocto image today and just looking for the update system, I recommend using one of those update systems.

Toradex currently is building a new operating system platform called Torizon (based on Linux microPlatforms). This platform is using a OSTree based update mechanism. Stay tuned for an initial alpha release soon.

Thanks for the clarification, I’ll have a look at these tools.

You are welcome. Feel free to ask more questions, if you have any.