Easy Installer: TorizonCore Quarterly Releases

I tried to install the latest quarterly release of TorizonCore (which seems to be 5.5.0+build.11) using the lastest Easy Installer. Unfortunately there’s no TorizonCore image listed (only TorizonCore with evaluation containers). Enabling the CI feed only adds nightly images.


Is this intended or a bug?

Greetings @bearsh,

I’m not sure I understand, but “TorizonCore with evaluation containers” is the latest quarterly release. The only difference is that there are some containers pre-provisioned on the image for evaluation purposes.

If you want the exact same image but without these evaluation containers pre-provisioned, then you can find the downloads on this page: Toradex Download Links (Torizon, Linux BSP, WinCE and Partner Demos)

You can then transfer the download to a USB and flash it with Easy Installer from there.

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Hi Jeremias

Thanks for you fast reply!
Yes I know. I just thought it would be quite convenient to have the lastest releases (also without evaluation containers) in the list to select… Anyway, if this intended I’m fine with it.


Yes this is intended so there’s no confusion about which image is the “right” image for the latest quarterly.

Again the latest releases without the evaluation containers can be found on the page I linked previously. If you use TorizonCore Builder to create a production TorizonCore image, these are also the images you’ll want to use as a base.

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